Media Interview Controversy with my comments - A Current Affair - Robert Klaric - Exclusive Property Market Report opinion on what will happen next?

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If You missed the exclusive interview on 'A Current Affair' click on the link to watch it now:

More 'Controversy' from my exclusive interview and comments on the Nine 9 Network Australia 'A Current Affair' award winning program. 
It was controversial!... Due to my comments to ‘Call the markets, as I see it happening’ and the fact that many leading people in the ‘Property industry and media’ publicly did not agree with me?... 
It’s very easy and clear to see as of today, that all my Market comments and Property predictions made over the last 18 months were and are 100% correct!...
And I stand by the comments that I have made on 'A Current Affair' program about the rapidly changing Property Market in which I said,
'This is going to be a rollercoaster ride in Real Estate over the next couple of years' 

Leonie and I have over 30 plus years 'Property Experience' helping advising clients on How to successfully 'Buy and Sell' and we have personally been involved in every 'boom and bust' real estate market cycle over this period and it's safe to say that we are now sailing into 'Uncharted Property Waters'...
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Rob & Leonie Klaric
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