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It’s one of those perfect Sydney mornings, when I step barefoot, onto the golden sands of a secluded private beach.

The sun has already filled the sky with a warm glow and a majestic Moreton Bay fig frames the turquoise panorama that lies ahead. For a moment, it really feels like I could be on an idyllic island, somewhere in the Mediterranean.


SPECTACULAR: ‘Villa Aqua’, Parriwi Rd, Mosman.

But I’m not.

This breathtaking estate - 15 years in the making – is known as “Villa Aqua”; a majestic Mosman masterpiece that has defied every conceivable engineering and construction boundary, to become officially recognised as the Best Residential Property in Australia at the 2019 International Property Awards.

 “We wake up every morning and have to pinch ourselves,” home owner Rob Klaric tells me from the shoreline of his very own Utopia, “it’s more than just a beautiful place to live, in a stunning location - it’s a real family home.” 


An incredible example of architectural innovation and daring, Villa Aqua challenges the very notion of how we should live. More than bricks and mortar, it’s an awe-inspiring ‘Superhouse’ delivering a 360-degree completeness of form, on a block of land once described by construction experts as “absolutely un-useable.”

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 “People didn’t ever believe that we would be able to build on this site – even one Town Planner said it couldn’t be done,” Rob says, “but for a wog like me who comes from the other side of the tracks, I don’t give up easily.”

Robert Klaric’s rise from the western suburbs, to the glittering shores of Sydney Harbour, is a story of unfailing self-belief, a relentless work ethic – and steadfast determination.

The son of hard working, non-English speaking migrants, Rob freely admits he was an academic failure at school, who had an insatiable passion for football – and real estate.

For the past 30-years, Rob has been better known as “The Property Expert”; a regular face in the media, who rose to fame after negotiating the spectacular sale of his real estate business to McGrath in 2011.

“My old man was a Croat, but he taught me the most valuable life lesson of all,” Rob says, “you have to make your own luck in life, you have to take many risks, work hard – and never let anyone steal your dreams.” 

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It was September 2003 when Rob and wife Leonie rolled the dice and threw caution to the wind, literally buying a derelict swimming pool perched at the bottom of a steep cliff on Parriwi Rd, accessible only by a rugged pathway and 120 steps. 

“We couldn’t afford a house in Mosman, so we bought a virgin block of land with an old concrete pool on its own title,” Leonie laughs, “people thought we were absolutely stark raving mad; and in hindsight we probably were.”

HUMBLE BEGINNINGS: Australia’s best residential property started as an unused, concrete pool - and took 15 years to complete!

With everything against them, including a death-defying 45-degree slope from street level, visionary Rob wanted to create a world class residence. 

“I had a dream of building the most sophisticated luxury villa in Australia,” he says, “and it turns out that the easy part was buying our own beachfront land, with the best views in Sydney.

“The problem that we didn’t ever anticipate, was finding a way to get DA approvals to build and construct the house.”


With no vehicle or waterfront access to the land - and no services, the Klaric’s only solution was to purchase - and then install - a huge tower crane on Parriwi Rd.

 “That really set the cat amongst the pigeons,” Rob says, “and it took six years, plus three Land and Environment Court applications, to get approval.”

“Luckily, I never give up on my dreams.” 

Permission for the construction of Villa Aqua wasn’t formally granted until 2009 – and just when they thought the fight was over, the real work began.

Earth works, including extensive excavation, the installation of 80 concrete piers to bedrock - and the removal of soil took another three years, before the ambitious build began in earnest, in 2012.

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A view of the original swimming pool, where Villa Aqua now stands.

Architect Designed by the late Laurie Chiarella and Stephen Fayle (from Woodhouse and Danks), Villa Aqua slowly but surely took shape as a modern-day classic residence, offering sophisticated living over four levels.

“Yes, it was the most challenging construction of our careers,” joint Master Builders Vili Cubelic and Stephen Mallinger tell me, “but also the most rewarding experience for everyone involved in the project.”

With its unique 30 metre beach frontage, these days Villa Aqua is comfortably accessed by a cable car, that smoothly descends the 40 metres from street level, down to a spectacular waterfront palace boasting front row seats on Sydney Harbour.


Showcasing classic Mediterranean villa design, the home has a strong emphasis on entertaining and living, with each level accessed by a bespoke Turkish marble staircase, an engineering feat in itself. 

Meticulous attention to detail is what makes Villa Aqua a residence like no other, and although they won’t reveal the final cost, Rob and Leonie agree their dream home is “priceless”.

Entry level has been purposely designed for luxury living, and the vast open spaces provide a perfect mix of both casual entertaining and formal rooms. Naturally, there’s a commercial grade, designer kitchen, with a Carrara marble island, a 1000 bottle walk-in cellar – and a glamorous infinity pool.

Four bedrooms all have American walnut cabinetry - plus Turkish marble bathrooms - but it’s the Klaric’s very own ‘Presidential Pavilion Suite’ that is beyond breathtaking, with floor to ceiling glass, a private hotel style mini bar, his and hers showers and a freestanding bath that looks out to Sydney’s spectacular harbour. 


 “It is a beachfront home that you could never put a price tag on,” Rob says, “because there’s nothing else like it anywhere in the world.  

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WINNERS: Rob and Leonie with their coveted award.

“A huge part of our married life has gone into creating our dream home and after everything I’ve put her through, it’s a miracle Leonie is still with me,” Rob says with a cheeky smile. 

“I could never have taken on – or achieved - this massive project without Leonie’s love, support and faith in me.

“The reality is that without my wife, nothing would ever have been possible and I don’t have the words to express the gratitude she truly deserves.”

Standing on the terrace, with an ocean of tranquil, turquoise water stretched out before them, Rob and Leonie Klaric share a smile as they take in their incredible view.

“Not bad for the son of a refugee from the other side of the tracks,” he says.

Not bad indeed.




Fairlight community rallies around young family to find them a home by Kathryn Welling 6th Sep 2019


Anthony Geddes, Eva Rehnberg and their son Alexander Geddes at the Fairlight apartment they are selling in order to find a home with a garden.

The Fairlight community is rallying around a young family battling cancer by trying to help them find a new forever home.

Former policeman Anthony Geddes, 51, is recovering from a rare and aggressive cancer, plus he has Motor Neurone Disease and lost the use of his hands.

He is selling his Fairlight unit and looking for a forever home for himself, his wife Eva and their son Alexander, 2.

The couple met in East Timor where Mr Geddes was serving with a UN mission and Eva was a nurse from Sweden.

They returned to Australia and bought and renovated an apartment in Fairlight which they are now auctioning.

Mr Geddes said he has been humbled by the support of people from St Matthews Church in Manly and generous real estate agents who have paid for a regular cleaner at the unit, supplied nutritious meals for the family, babysat and inspected possible homes for the family.

They are especially grateful to Robert and Leonie Klaric for vetting possible next homes. Mr Klaric is a local and the author of the book, Secrets of The Property Expert.

The light living and dining area in the apartment.

The Geddes family was keen to come to market in spring while buyers were plentiful and real estate agent Alex Augustyniak of McGrath Dee Why advised them to sell first so they knew exactly how much they had to spend on their next home.

Eighty-two fresh properties hit the peninsula market this week, five of them in Fairlight, but Anthony and Eva are hoping buyers will be drawn to their two-bedroom apartment with its spectacular harbour view.



Media Interview Controversy with my comments - A Current Affair - Robert Klaric - Exclusive Property Market Report opinion on what will happen next?

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If You missed the exclusive interview on 'A Current Affair' click on the link to watch it now:

More 'Controversy' from my exclusive interview and comments on the Nine 9 Network Australia 'A Current Affair' award winning program. 
It was controversial!... Due to my comments to ‘Call the markets, as I see it happening’ and the fact that many leading people in the ‘Property industry and media’ publicly did not agree with me?... 
It’s very easy and clear to see as of today, that all my Market comments and Property predictions made over the last 18 months were and are 100% correct!...
And I stand by the comments that I have made on 'A Current Affair' program about the rapidly changing Property Market in which I said,
'This is going to be a rollercoaster ride in Real Estate over the next couple of years' 

Leonie and I have over 30 plus years 'Property Experience' helping advising clients on How to successfully 'Buy and Sell' and we have personally been involved in every 'boom and bust' real estate market cycle over this period and it's safe to say that we are now sailing into 'Uncharted Property Waters'...
If you need any Professional Property help or Advice please call on 0411622257 or email us at 


Kind Regards,
Rob & Leonie Klaric
The Property Expert International

Interview Studio 10 Property Predictions for 2019

Earlier this year I was interviewed on ‘Studio Ten’ on Network Ten by the talented team of presenters including Joe Hildebrand, Natarsha Belling, Ita Buttrose, and Jo Casamento about my predictions on the ‘Property Market’ and what would happen in 2018?.
It was controversial!... Due to my comments to ‘Call the markets, as I see it happening’ and the fact that many leading people in the ‘Property industry and media’ publicly did not agree with me?
It’s very easy and clear to see as of today, that my Market comments and Property prediction were 100% correct!...
The Sydney Auction clearance rate as of last weekend the Saturday 15th December 2018 was only 41% the lowest auction clearance rate since the ‘boom and bust’ market in 1989 which saw the auction clearance rates in the early 30% range.
Interesting to see that the same time last year the Sydney Auction clearance rate was at an average 60% in 2017 which was 20% higher than today's auction market clearance rates in 2018.

My official ‘Media Press Release’ as June 2018 this year was written as follows:
‘The property market in Sydney has now officially ‘Adjusted’ and the Boom is Over!... And as I indicated that the Property Market would correct in 2018 and will experience a decline in property growth and prices.

I stand by my professional opinion and comments that, if you are a 'seller' in the market? Look to sell in the first half of 2018, and if you were a buyer, the better buying opportunities will present themselves in the second half of the year. 
The main 'reason' is that we will see an oversupply of new apartments coming on to the market and many are in the so called 'risky suburbs'...
that is that the suburbs with more restrictive finance and lending criteria for purchasers.
Please click on the link below and watch ‘The Property Expert’ exclusive Interview on 'Studio Ten’ about the Property Market Prediction and let us know your thoughts and opinions.


studio 10 robert.JPG

The 60 Minutes Special investigation - ‘Bricks & Slaughter’ – Claimed the Property Market could Crash by 40%... It was ‘Sensationalism’ at its very Best.

 Now everyone has an ‘Opinion’ about the Real Estate Property market?... But, who can we really ‘Trust’… who is ‘Right or Wrong’ with their ‘Real Estate Market’ opinions?... Who do you really ‘ask’ for some ‘Real’ answers on what is actually happening in the market?

So Let’s start with asking the ‘Real’ property questions?...

And start by interviewing the ‘Real Property People’ with ‘Real Property Experience’ and not ‘Reporters, Economists and Data Analysts’ who look at numbers and spreadsheets to come up with their ‘mystical conclusions’ of what will likely happen in the ‘property market’ for the future.

Ask the ‘Real Property People’ who have actually invested ‘Real Money and time’ in to the ‘Real Estate Market’ over many decades and are entrenched in the property markets daily.

 As a ‘Real’ Property Expert with over 30 years’ Experience working every property market since 1988… Auctioneering, Buying, Selling, Negotiating, Developing, Mentoring and educating property consumers on all types of ‘Real Estate Markets’ every year.  

Leonie and I, have ‘lived and breathed’ real estate our whole life. including personally working and investing through the ‘Boom and Bust’ markets and the ‘Property markets with low interest rates from 4% to markets with high interest rates from 17%’ … 

As a ‘Property Expert and Consumer Advocate’ our professional recommendation for all our friends and clients is to research the ‘real’ market facts and results that matter for you and continue to monitor auction activity and sales in your area.

And check auction clearance rates and final results after all the numbers are in over a 6 Week period and that will start to give you a ‘real snapshot’ and your ‘finger on the pulse’ of what the property market is actually doing in your area.

The ‘One thing’ that was Guaranteed in our property markets in 2018… it was always going to ‘Adjust and Correct’ after such a long protracted ‘boom market’ period, and as I correctly ‘predicted’ the property markets would start to correct itself as stated in the media back in 2017 and again on National Television in early 2018.


Call me ‘Nostradamus’…But, I got it right!... I was the only ‘Property Expert’ to correctly predict the ‘Adjustment to the Property market’ in 2017. It was at the beginning of 2017 on ‘The Today Show’ on Channel Nine, when I was interviewed by presenter Sylvia Jeffreys about my predictions on the ‘Property Market’ and what would happen in 2017?... and I was 100% correct!

 It was controversial!... Due to the fact that many leading people in the ‘Property industry, Analysts and Media’ did not agree with my comments at the time?...

 It’s very easy and clear to see as of today, my comments and predictions were 100% correct!...

The Sydney Auction clearance rate as of the last big Auction weekend on the Saturday 15th September 2018 was only 52% a ‘Six year auction clearance rate low’.

The same time the year before the Sydney Auction clearance rate was 75%, a 23% higher clearance rate than today’s market in 2018.

The property market in Sydney in 2018 has now officially ‘Adjusted’ and the ‘Boom’ is well and truly officially over!... and as I indicated professionally that it would happen in 2017, and now in 2018 will continue to experience a decline in property growth and home prices.

I indicated that the property market will continue to slow down and adjust this year.

It’s Not a ‘Crash’… It’s an ‘Adjustment and Correction’ in the property market of around 20% for new apartments and 10% for established homes within a 20 kms radius of the CBD and potentially higher for outer Sydney and Melbourne Suburbs over the next 12 months in 2019 is foreseeable.

The main ‘reason’ is that we see an oversupply of new apartments coming on to the market for sale and many apartments are in the so called ‘risky suburbs’ for major Bank lenders… especially the outer Sydney suburbs that are 20 plus kms away from the CBD with many suburbs having a more restrictive finance and leading criteria for purchasers.

We will also see in Australia, what I call the ‘International disruption’… as our property markets will react to what will be a very disruptive ‘global economy’ with China’s economy slowing and investment in purchasing apartments off the plan in Australia rapidly declining, the leadership in the USA creating global and financial volatility in many markets with new Tax tariffs.

In conclusion, if you are thinking of buying or selling ‘property’ over the next 12 months do it with ‘extreme caution’ and do your own ‘research and homework’.

And if you need any Property ‘Help or Advice’... Just call us on 0411622257 or email directly to;

Please ‘Click on the Link’ below and watch ‘Robert Klaric – The Property Expert’ Exclusive Interview on Studio 10 Highlighting what’s happening in the ‘Property Market’ in 2018…




Call me 'Nostradamus'... But, i got it right!... I was the only 'Property Expert' to correctly predict the 'Adjustment to the Property market' in 2017. It was at the beginning of 2017 on ‘The Today Show’ on Channel Nine, when I was interviewed by presenter Sylvia Jeffreys about my predictions on the ‘Property Market’ and what would happen in 2017?... And i was 100% correct!
It was controversial!... Due to the fact that many leading people in the ‘Property industry and Media’ did not agree with my comments at the time?...
It’s very easy and clear to see as of today, my comments and prediction were 100% correct!...
The Sydney Auction clearance rate at the end of 2017 as of last big Auction weekend on the Saturday 9th December 2017 was only 58% a 'Two year auction clearance rate low'.
The same time the year before the Sydney Auction clearance rate was 73%, a 15% higher clearance rate than today's market.
The property market in Sydney in 2018 has now officially ‘Adjusted’ and the 'Boom' is officially Over!... And as I indicated professionally that it would happen in 2017, and now in 2018 will experience a decline in property growth and home prices.

So now we have more 'Controversy' from my interview with Sylvia Jeffreys on Australia's leading breakfast program on the Nine Network 'The Today Show' about my 'Property Market' prediction for 2018!... 
I indicated that the property market will continue to slow down and adjust this year. 
Not a 'Crash'... but an adjustment in the second half of this year. 
I stand by my professional opinion and comments that, if you are a 'seller' in the property market in 2018? Look to sell in the first half of this year, and if you were a buyer, the better buying opportunities will present themselves in the second half of this year. 
The main 'reason' is that we will see an oversupply of new apartments coming on to the market for sale and many apartments are in the so called 'risky suburbs'... Especially the outer Sydney suburbs that are 20 plus kms away from the CBD with many suburbs having a more restrictive finance and lending criteria for purchasers.
We will also see in Australia, what I call the 'International disruption'... As our property markets will react to what will be a very disruptive 'global economy' with China's economy slowing and investment in purchasing apartments off the plan in Australia rapidly declining, the leadership in the USA creating global and financial volatility in many markets.

jeffery 1.jpg

Please click on the 2 links below and watch 'The Today Show' 2018 interview and read the property boom is over news story and let us know your thoughts & opinions.



Australia's record housing bonanza that's turned Sydney and Melbourne homeowners into millionaires FINALLY ends - so when should you sell and how long until you can grab a bargain?

  • Property experts are announcing the end of Australia's enormous property boom
  • Sydney and Melbourne saw property prices drop during the September quarter
  • Buyers are being warned to stay out of the market for at least the next six months
  • A real estate expert has issued a dire warning for house prices in Sydney's west

By Josh Hanrahan For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 16:43 AEDT, 13 December 2017 | Updated: 08:29 AEDT, 14 December 2017

After years of record growth, both Sydney and Melbourne have seen property prices slow or go backwards in recent months, ABS statistics released on Monday revealed.

It comes after a weekend where the clearance rate for homes put up for auction fell to just 58 per cent, a drop from 73 per cent at the same time last year.

And now experts in the industry are claiming the bubble has finally burst, warning buyers to now sit tight for at least the next six months until things calm down.

One of the biggest property booms in Australian history is over, with real estate experts now telling prospective buyers not to enter the market in either Sydney (pictured) or Melbourne


This four-bedroom mansion in the Sydney suburb of Hunters Hill was initially listed at close to $6 million, but its owners were forced to settle for just $4.8 million in 2017.

Auctioneer and real estate expert Robert Klaric, who has worked in Sydney for more than 30 years, says he's finally willing to declare that the boom is done.

'I'll call it and say it's over,' Mr Klaric told Daily Mail Australia.

'It's been by far the biggest and sustained boom I've seen. Really since 2012 its been a steady increase, with the biggest growth in the last three years. 

'But from next year it will be an adjustment to a sustained market at 10 per cent or so lower... from about July there'll be a smorgasbord of cheap properties to pick from.'

On Monday the ABS released statistics showing property prices fell by 1.4 per cent in Sydney alone during the September quarter.

This is the first time prices have gone backwards in Sydney since early 2016.

Robert Klaric (pictured), who has worked in Sydney for more than 30 years, says he's finally happy to declare the boom is done

Robert Klaric (pictured), who has worked in Sydney for more than 30 years, says he's finally happy to declare the boom is done

In Melbourne, property prices increased by seven per cent, just half the rate they increased in 2016.

According to Shane Oliver, AMP's chief economist, it's confirmation the seemingly never ending growth in the property market has come to an end.

'I think the boom is certainly over, but in saying that, it mainly relates to Sydney and Melbourne, where the boom has been,' Mr Oliver told Daily Mail Australia.

'In Sydney, the bubble has well and truly been pricked... and the ABS data today has well and truly confirmed that we're seeing price declines. 

'Melbourne is a little bit stronger, it does seem to be following Sydney down, but it's getting a bit of support from a higher population growth.'

At its peak the property boom led to homes across Sydney rising in price by as much as $370,000 in under two years.

But home owners have found it harder to sell recently, with one particular home in the Sydney suburb of Hunters Hill taking almost 200 days to sell.

When the owners did find a buyer it was at $4.8 million, a massive drop down from the initial asking price of almost $6 million.

Describing the housing markets outside the nation's two biggest cities as 'messy', Mr Oliver said he would also be advising potential buyers to bide their time.

He predicts it will be up to 18 months before prices rise again, but can't see a severe housing crash on the horizon.

'Are we going to have a crash? Probably not, unless we have higher interest rates or higher unemployment it's hard to see a crash coming,' he said.

'I think it's just another correction in the property market. In 2005, 2008 and 2012 we saw declines in Sydney so it's probably just correcting itself which I think is healthy.'

Perth, Darwin and Canberra also experienced falls in property prices last quarter as Brisbane and Adelaide saw slight increases.

While the facts are seemingly clear, Mr Klaric says many real estate agents are still refusing to admit it's over.

'The numbers coming out are shrouded in secrecy, but the one thing that never lies is the auction clearance rate,' he said.

Read more:
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- A four bedroom home at Narraweena sold in 2017 for $1.7 million, less than two years after selling for $1.35 million in 2015.

- Also this year, a two-bedroom unit at Freshwater was sold for $950,000 just three years after being bought at $645,000

- In 2017 a three-bedroom home in Marrickville sold for $1.2 million. It had last been sold for £300 in 1915.

- A fire damaged home in Redfern sold for $1.6 million in April this year, having fetched $275,000 when last sold in 1994 - an almost 600 per cent increase in the past 23 years.

- A waterfront home in Watsons Bay sold at auction for $14.2m in October this year, having been valued at $950,000 in 1993

Source: Mario Esposito, McGrath Estate Agents - Dee Why


'On Saturday it was 58 per cent... while the actual figure is probably a lot lower, but agents are not giving actual figures.

'Agents say 'we're still negotiating' or 'the clients don't want to disclose', when it's actually the agents who don't want to disclose because they've passed it in.'

A total of 249 properties were passed in at auction over the weekend, while 130 were withdrawn beforehand. 

Mr Klaric believes the end of the boom will lead to a change in thinking on investing and is predicting that could be disastrous for Sydney's west.

He says people have already moved away from buying off the plan and are searching for a lifestyle, something he said will keep city prices steady. 

'People now want specific locations with lifestyle and infrastructure. If areas have got that then the impact won't be as brutal,' he said.

'If you said I want to live in Sydney, or in Bondi, Mosman, Manly or Chatswood, they all offer a lifestyle and infrastructure to get to the city, so they will adjust.

'But out in the west we could see absolute carnage.' 

Mr Klaric is advising his clients to steer clear of the market, saying if they wait at least six months they could snag a bargain.

'The market's been playing by the FOMO (fear of missing out) process and the reality is it was flamed by the real estate industry and the media,' he said.

'Now's the time to just sit back, relax and watch, because from about July next year it will be a smorgasbord to choose from at a discounted price.

'Renters will also get a lot more new properties coming onto the market and there is going to be a glut of units in the market. 

'If you're looking to rent a two-bedroom apartment within a 10-15 kilometre radius of the city there will be a heap of options all a lot cheaper than they are now.

Read more:
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mother teresa.jpg

Both Leonie and I, have been very 'Privileged and Honoured' to be selected as the ‘Trusted Advisors and Advocates’ for so many of our friends, clients and VIP celebrities over the last 12 months. We have proudly represented and provided professional property advice on ‘Buying and Selling’ throughout Australia and Internationally.
We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year and we look forward to being of service once again in 2018.


Kind Regards,
Rob & Leonie Klaric
The Property Expert International



澳洲买房如何避免被“Gazumping(抬价敲诈)”?| 澳洲

2017-11-17  来源:居外原创















  • 提供书面出价材料。
  • 确保代理商已将您的书面出价材料交给卖家。
  • 如果可能的话,亲自与业主会面,当面达成协议,握手示意,感谢彼此达成协议。



(请点击以下链接,从新南威尔士州公平交易厅(NSW Department of Fair Trading)网站上了解更多“Gazumping(抬价敲诈)”相关信息。)



作者:罗伯特·克拉里奇(Robert Klaric)
克拉里奇合伙物业咨询公司(Klaric Partners Property Consultants)

罗伯特和莉奥妮克拉里奇(Robert & Leonie Klaric)

责任编辑:Zoe Chan




Beauty Point vs Balmoral

The Beauty Point sale comes as Mosman’s Balmoral slopes area saw a dramatic up-tick in foreign buyer purchases this year, marking a dramatic turnaround in recent years in which Beauty Point had seen the most off-shore buyer interest.

Beauty Point had garnered the lion’s share of Chinese buyer attention in the years after high-profile Chinese property developer Huang Xiangmo bought his Bay Street mansion for $12.8 million in 2012.

However, of the 45 registered prestige sales in Mosman this year all but 30 were in the Balmoral slopes neighbourhood and almost half to recently arrived Chinese immigrants or foreign buyers.

That’s a distinct turnaround on recent years, said Robert Klaric, of the buyer’s advisory and advocacy service The Property Expert.

“The Chinese centre of gravity on the Lower North Shore has shifted from Beauty Point to Balmoral and the pocket around Chinaman’s Beach,” said Klaric.

Of the 15 prestige house sales elsewhere in Mosman, only one was to a foreign buyer.

“That’s partly because there isn’t much stock on offer in Beauty Point compared with Balmoral this year, but also because new arrivals prefer the feng shui of Beauty Point but Chinese buyers who have been here for a few years are just discovering Balmoral,” said Ms Tu.

Nine months into 2017 and Juwai’s Ms Lu doesn’t see this year topping last year in terms of Chinese investment in Australian real estate.

“The year 2016 was the biggest yet recorded for Chinese investment in Australian real estate. We believe that 2017 is competing with 2015 for the rank of second or third biggest year.” 


hammer rk1.jpg

With over 30 years of real estate experience, working every aspect of the Australian property market, including 'Boom and Bust'. I have personally and professionally witnessed the pain attached to a market 'crash' and in my opinion what we will see in our real estate market in Australia is a significant 'adjustment' and not a 'crash' to the house prices, especially in cities like Sydney and Melbourne, where ‘Choice areas close the CBD’ continue to see good demand for quality property. However, the property market simply ‘Can not’ sustain itself at the high price levels we have witnessed over recent years and what is being played out in the 'Auction arena' every weekend for the world to see. The real estate markets around the world have proven that markets do not simply just continue to grow 10% yearly, without a correction or adjustment along the way. In my opinion we will now see ‘No Growth’ in property over the next 12 months. Please click on the link below and let me know your thoughts and comments via email on the marketplace… 'Boom, Bust or Price Adjustment'.

Click on the news link below;

If you are interested to learn ‘what to do and how to negotiate real estate in a changing Property Market’ & would like to attend ‘The Ultimate Property Investor Event'...

I am ‘honoured and privileged’ to be a ‘Keynote’ speaker for 'The Ultimate Property Investor Event' alongside 10 Experts on Saturday 16th September 2017 at ‘The Mercure Hotel Sydney’.

Please click on the link below to purchase tickets to attend as numbers are limited;  




More 'Controversy' from my interview with Sylvia Jeffreys on Australia's leading breakfast program on the Nine Network 'The Today Show' about my 'Property Market' prediction for 2017!... 

I indicated that the property market will have an adjustment this year. 

Not a 'Crash'... but an adjustment in the second half of this year. 

I stand by my professional opinion and comments that, if you are a 'seller' in the market? Look to sell in the first half of this year, and if you were a buyer, the better buying opportunities will present themselves in the second half of this year. 

The main 'reason' is that we will see an oversupply of new apartments coming on to the market and many are in the so called 'risky suburbs'... that is that the suburbs with more restrictive finance and lending criteria for purchasers as per the report that the Macquarie Bank made public in 2016. 

We will also see in Australia, what I call the 'International disruption'... As our property markets will react to what will be a very disruptive 'global economy' with China's economy slowing and investment declining, the change of leadership in the USA and the upcoming elections in Germany and France.

Please click on the link below and watch 'The Today Show' interview and let us know your thoughts and opinions.


Our property markets have been overvalued now for many years, especially when you compare the Sydney or Melbourne real estate markets to any other major cities in the world. It is very easy to see that our markets have been in a bubble and there is a ‘Correction’ is on its way.
Please look at the ‘UBS Global Real Estate Property Bubble’ information graph below to see how overvalued our markets really are compared to the rest of the world ;

What’s made News for ‘The Property Expert’ in 2016…
We have been very 'Privileged and Honoured' to be involved in some of the biggest property negotiations in the Sydney prestige property market for our 'high profile and Celebrity’ clients. 

Some of our ‘achievements’ are listed below;
Highest Price ever achieved in The Upper North Shore for 26 Wattle Street, Killara -  $11.8 Million
Highest Price ever achieved in Northbridge - 57 Coolawin Road, Northbridge - $15.25 Million
Highest Price for Non Waterfront property in Clontarf - 4 Monash Crescent, Clontarf - $5.2 Million
Highest Price for Non Waterfront property in Seaforth - 16 David Place, Seaforth - $6.1 Million 
Leonie & I, would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New year 2017.





A waterfront residence in Northbridge smashed the suburb record by more than 70 per cent when it sold on Saturday afternoon for about $15.5 million.

The trophy home was only on the market for a month before it was snapped up by an offshore buyer.

The result tops the previous high of $9.05 million set by the same residence when it sold in 2008 to Justin Reizes, who retired in March as head of equities giant Kohlberg Kravis Roberts.

View from the house at 57 Coolawin Road, Northbridge. Photo: Supplied

Reizes had listed the 1700-square-metre property with McGrath’s Michael Coombs and David Howe last month with initial hopes of $16.5 million following his recent resignation and the family’s move to Berlin. Robert Klaric, of The Property Expert, was brought in to help with negotiations on the deal.

There was strong interest in the property earlier this week, with half a dozen contracts issued and more than 70 groups having inspected the local trophy home.

Michael Coombs declined to comment on the sale despite a sold alert on the listing and a source saying there were competitive offers by about three buyers over the weekend.

Strong interest: 57 Coolawin Road, Northbridge was on the market for only a month. Photo: Supplied

It was previously owned by Jinwen Lin, a former director of Goldin Group, and Yu Lian Xu.

It is the third time the property has set a suburb high, having first done so in 2003 at $7.13 million when it was sold by Tenix executive director Robert Salteri and his wife Kelly.

Clearly there is much to recommend about the east-facing, waterfront residence. Set on a private beach with a boatshed and pontoon, it has landscaped gardens, swimming pool and an interior design by Hare + Klein.

Tops: 57 Coolawin Road, Northbridge sold for $15.5 million. Photo: Supplied

The result is the third highest on the lower north shore this year. The top result was in March at $16.5 million for the Cremorne waterfront residence of investment banker Campbell Lobb and his wife Susie when they sold to a buyer from China. Origin Energy’s outgoing chief Grant King and his wife Jenny then sold their Neutral bay trophy for about $16 million last month.



The celebrity cricketer is a huge name in Indian film and a self-confessed singing tragic.

He starred in a Bollywood rom-com last year called UnIndian where Brett played the role as an English teacher falling in love with his Indian pupil.

An indoor shot of the Clontarf home.

The 39-year-old international cricketer already lives on the northern beaches in a waterfront home in Seaforth. He and his wife, Lana Anderson, love the area and have been looking for something with more lawn for a while.

Now the couple have bought a large tri-level home in the exclusive beachside cul-de-sac of Monash Cres, Clontarf.

An outdoor shot of the Clontarf home.

The five-bedroom, five-bathroom home has all the attributes of a Bollywood palace. There are vast open rooms, harbourside terraces, impressive luxuriating daybeds and space for the largest of Bollywood dance parties.

The Clontarf home.

Robert Klaric, of The Property Experts International, acted on behalf of the vendors of the home and said the 16-year-old property was a true luxury compound.

“It is extremely private with big views, it gets all the sun and the house was only on the market for a month,” he said.

Brett Lee Monash Cres, Clontarf NSW real estate.

The elevated house was on the market with Richard Harding of LJ Hooker Lower North Shore, who said earlier that standing at the property felt as if you were hanging off the water.

The Monash Cres home on 1138sqm of land came to market at the beginning of August with a guide of between $5 million and $5.5 million. It is believed it sold within that range.

Australian cricketer Brett Lee in action.

Although Mr Lee grew up in Wollongong his elder brother Shane, also a top cricketer, lives on the northern beaches.

Now that Brett and Lana have bought their large luxury beachside home expect to see their waterfront property come to market later this year.


Foreign buyers of property in NSW will be slugged with a 4 per cent stamp duty surcharge from this month and will pay an extra 0.75 per cent land tax from 2017.

The measures are set to be announced by NSW Treasurer Gladys Berejiklian in her second budget on June 21.

Based on the Sydney median house price of $995,804, the stamp duty bill for a foreign investor will increase by almost $40,000 - from $40,305 to $80,137.

If they are buying a unit at Sydney's median price, $656,000, they will pay an extra $26,240 in stamp duty under the changes.

Article written by Sean Nicholls from The Sydney Morning Herald 14th June 2016.

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Thousands of real estate agents and property owners around Australia are about to get a terrible shock when they deal in property valued at more than $2 million.
On the day before the Federal election, Friday July 1 2016, the rules for transacting dwellings and commercial property worth more than $2m will change dramatically.
In short, all Australian sellers of $2m-plus properties will be classified as overseas investors unless they get a special tax clearance. That means that all buyers of $2m-plus properties must deduct 10 per cent from the purchase price and pay that amount to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) unless the seller has a tax clearance.
Chinese and Asian buying of Sydney apartments has already fallen 50 per cent in recent weeks and the trend is spreading to other markets, particularly Melbourne. This new measure, as well as creating chaos for locals, may accelerate the decline in the Chinese buying of apartments.
The current mess was created when former treasurer Joe Hockey caved into pressures to curb Chinese investment in Australian residential property in 2015. In the process, the treasurer was convinced by the Australian Taxation Office to widen the net to cover local residents.
Parliament was being bombarded with tax legislation at the time and the Canberra politicians did not pick up what the ATO had done.
So, fasten your seats belts for a horror commentary.
I was alerted to the position by one of Australia’s top commercial/tax barristers, John Fickling of WA. I am using many of Fickling’s words in describing what is about to happen.
If you purchase a property worth $2m or more on or after July 1 2016, you will be required to withhold 10 per cent of the purchase price and remit it to the ATO UNLESS the vendor is able to provide a special purpose tax resident’s “clearance certificate” from the ATO. It does not matter if the vendors were born in Australia and have lived all their lives in Australia — unless they have that clearance certificate, they are classed as a foreigner and the buyer must send 10 per cent of the purchase price to the tax office.
In case you think I’m kidding, read the ATO’s exact words: “A vendor who sells the following assets is also a relevant foreign resident, even if they are an Australian resident for other tax purposes.
The definition of property is very wide and includes leaseholds but does not include stock exchange investments. A purchaser who does not receive a “clearance certificate” from the vendor and does not send 10 per cent of the purchase price off to the ATO will still be liable to pay that 10 per cent to the ATO plus, almost certainly, will have to pay severe additional penalties and interest. The economics of buying the property will be severely damaged.
Fickling says all real estate agents selling $2m plus properties should be considering how this new regime will impact on their business and what will be the contractual consequences under the different scenarios that could play out.
For example, banks and other financiers may be affected where their secured debt exceeds 90 per cent of the value of the selling price. In a situation where the owner is being forced to sell, the banks will be better to take possession and sell themselves rather than being caught in the “tax clearance” delays.
To be fair, in the vast majority of cases local resident vendors will have no problem obtaining a “clearance certificate”.
However, for locals it might increase their risk of a tax audit and there are clear hazards for property sellers who:

  • Have not filed tax returns for many years;
  • Have filed tax returns, which would indicate they could not afford such a property;
  • Are selling their residential house at the same time as their neighbours to a single developer, which may give rise to a profit making scheme (such that the principal residence capital gains tax exemption may not apply to the value uplift generated by selling the properties together); or
  • Where the ATO has gathered information that indicates the vendor is in the business of developing property, which means that the principal residence capital gains tax exemption may not apply.

Fickling says in extreme cases action could potentially be taken by the ATO prior to the sale, to freeze the transaction.
Those who see any of the above as dangers might consider selling in a hurry (before July 1), so there might be some property bargains for buyers in coming weeks.
It’s also important to note that the $2m is “hard-coded” into the legislation, so, as property prices increase, more vendors will be caught. Over time, the ATO may shift their audit target identification processes to $2m-plus property vendors and away from other areas.
Additionally, if the vendor has a tax debt, the application for a “clearance certificate” may in some circumstances involve the ATO seeking to recover some or all of that tax debt from the purchaser by way of a garnishee notice.
At this point, it is worth noting that we are giving the Australian Taxation Office another weapon to recover tax legitimately owed and that is a good thing for society.
The great danger is the complexity created and that currently the tax office is badly run and is operating outside the law in key small business areas. It knows it can’t be challenged because of the cost of court cases.
Meanwhile, the legislation is yet another blow being aimed at Chinese and other Asian investors in property. These blows have come separately and each one has had reasonable motivations. But, in combination, they could inflict severe damage to the apartment and other parts of the residential property market.
Chinese and other Asian investors face a Hobson’s choice. They will not enjoy getting a tax clearance but nor will they appreciate the buyer of their property taking 10 per cent off the purchase price.
And if the tax office treats locals illegally, what might they do to foreigners?
Australia desperately needs greater independent supervision of the tax office.
Chinese investment in property has saved us from the worst effects of the big fall in the mining investment boom. But look at what is now happening:

  • Money is now harder to bring into Australia from China
  • Australian banks are imposing a credit squeeze on Chinese buyers.
  • On July 1 the Victorian state government is set to raise the levy on foreign purchases of apartments from 3 per cent to 7 per cent.

The situation has been made worse by a series of other events that have annoyed the Chinese. They include the rejection of the Chinese bid for the Kidman cattle empire and the giant Chinese conglomerate AUX Group abandoning its plan to make a $2.7 billion investment in Australia’s second largest private hospital operator, Healthscope, because of delayed FIRB approval. To that we can add the problems in the South China Sea.

Article written by Robert Gottliebsen from The Australian 19th May 2016
Further details:- Robert Klaric



From NRL cheerleader to star businesswoman, here’s how the former Miss Universe built a multi-million dollar empire.Jennifer Hawkins really knows what she's doing when it comes to money. Jennifer Hawkins may well be Australia’s answer to a female Donald Trump.

While their political views may not align, Hawkins has a lot more in common with the man who made her famous than you might think.

Since her Miss Universe win, Hawkins has used her star factor to land several high-paying endorsements, her own brand of swimwear, self-tanner, shoes and tequila and a property portfolio experts estimate to be worth more than $10 million.

The stunner recently praised the Miss Universe pageant owner and Republican candidate for his work ethic, but stopped short of commenting on his politics.

“Sorry, I am sitting on the fence there,” Hawkins said. “You want to be careful what you say out there because it can be turned and … I don’t know.”

This response illustrates Hawkins’ approach to life – and business. Australia’s golden girl is measured and calculated, and guards her image – or rather, her J Brand – closely.

Hawkins takes her personal brand very seriously and it’s paying off.

Multi-brand empire

Hawkins’ caution is for good reason: she has plenty to lose. If it’s not her role as face of Myer it’s her ambassadorial work for lingerie brand Lovable, health food company Bioglan, Mt Franklin Lightly Sparkling water, car company Land Rover, real estate development Trinity Point, her own swimwear brand COZI or her hosting gig on Foxtel show Australia’s Next Top Model.

The burgeoning mogul owns at least six companies, including her shoe brand JLH, her self-tanning brand J Bronze, her new tequila brand Sesion and her umbrella company Universal Strategies Pty Limited.

Inspired by Elle Macpherson?

Retail Doctor Group Founder Brian Walker says Hawkins is modelling herself on Elle Macpherson, who he credits with setting a precedent for model entrepreneurs.

“If we look at Elle as a comparison, we can see she branched out into intimate apparel and other products and she has since built a business that has a revenue stream not relying on her modelling credentials,” Mr Walker told The New Daily.

“[Macpherson] is now worth about $60 million … the question is whether Jen can do the same”.

Hawkins is a brand ambassador for Land Rover, amongst at least five other high-profile companies. Photo: Getty

Mr Walker says Hawkins’ business strategies can be grouped into categories: the “intangible” and “tangible”.

“For example, if Myer pays Jen $5 million, she’s going to have to generate $50 million in revenue, because there has to be a return on investment,” Mr Walker said.

“This is the intangible aspect to her business: it’s a mix of current and future value.”

On the other hand, revenue from her property portfolio and shares (Hawkins has Myer shares which, according to News Corp, were worth $1 million back in 2009) can be directly calculated.

Not only is Jennifer the face of Myer, she also has shares in the company. Photo: Getty

Impressive property portfolio

Jen’s foray into property began in 2005, when she signed up as a spokeswoman for a new multimillion-dollar property development in Hong Kong.

Since then, the model has quietly amassed a portfolio which experts estimate is worth upwards of $10 million.

Property consultant Robert Klaric, located in Sydney, says Hawkins’ decisions to buy premium land and properties and then add value to them by either redeveloping or renovating shows financial acumen.

“Her strategy in terms of buying quality is critical: you know what they say, it’s all about location, and she’s always bought in the right places”.

Although Jennifer is a tight-lipped about her property acquisitions, it is estimated that she owns between four and six investment properties.

Last year, Hawkins sold off a three-bedroom investment property in the Newcastle suburb of Merewether for $731,000. According to Domain, the former beauty queen bought the house nine years ago for $620,000.

Hawkins has offered small peeks into her current home – from her bathroom to her walk-in wardrobe. Photo: Instagram

Hawkins and her husband of three years Jake Wall are known for their love of Sydney oceanfront properties, purchasing at least three homes in the beachside suburb of Curl Curl between 2007 and 2014.

One home, a three-bedroom cottage with a large pool and oceanic views, sold for just over $1.6 million in March 2013, while another five-bedroom property in Curl Curl was sold four years ago and is estimated to be worth $3.2 million.

In 2007, they bought a two-bedroom apartment in Bondi for $895,000, which they sold in September 2014 for $1.2 million.

Two years ago, the public got a rare glimpse into the model’s multi-million dollar waterfront property on Sydney’s northern beaches after she and husband Jake Wall put the penthouse on the market.

The couple built the four-bedroom, three-bathroom Curl Curl home after buying the headland lot for a reported $1,375,000 in 2010, and spent three years renovating the land with luxury Japanese-Australian architects Koichi Takada before finally putting it up for sale in 2014, netting a massive $4.1 million.

The view from the couple’s former home in Curl Curl, purchased for $1.6 million sold for an estimated $4.1 million.

‘Quality and beauty’

Hawkins’ love for real estate has culminated in J Group Projects, a branch of her company J Group (which she runs with Wall) specialising in “high-end architectural designed home construction across Australia”.

J Group Projects’ latest venture involves two adjoining waterfront blocks Hawkins and Wall purchased in the affluent Sydney suburb of Newport for $4 million in 2014.

Rendered images of Hawkins and Wall’s new pad. Photo: Instagram

The pair are building their “dream home”, with Pittwater council documents revealed by Business Insider showing the couple’s new project will cost them $2 million before it is complete.

Mr Klaric, who often advises clients interested in Sydney’s waterfront properties, says Hawkins’ new home is just “quality real estate”.

“It’s also beautiful, and it goes hand-in-hand with the image she is wanting to project: real quality and beauty.”

Hawkins has shared several photos of her latest construction project on Instagram.

He believes the beauty queen and Myer ambassador is worth at least $10 million – and that’s just based on her property portfolio.

For Mr Walker, Hawkins’ property investments can be seen as her “superannuation strategy”.

“The real estate empire that she’s creating is to make sure she always has something to fall back on in the event that something ever happens to her work environment,” Mr Klaric told The New Daily.

“It’s just really prudent business”.

Looks like this former Miss Universe has graduated to become a master of the universe.

Hawkins and Jake Wall are husband and wife and business partners.

Writen by Caroline Zielinski The NewDaily



The 'Property Crystal Ball' is out for 2016 and 8 Experts have given us their opinions on what will happen in the property market this year!...
All 8 Experts have indicated a 'growth in the property market, ranging from 1% to 9% in The Sun Herald Domain Property Guide 2016.
My prediction, with more than 25 years working, living and breathing every real estate market including 'boom and bust' is that we will see 'No growth' in the 'Sydney and Melbourne' property markets in 2016. However, what we will see is an 'adjustment and correction' in the property market in the last quarter of 2016 of potentially up to 10%.
The reasons are, we will see a real slowing in the Australian economy, as well as the Chinese economy rapidly deteriorating. The world's leading EU economies are under serious threat from another GFC - Global Financial Crisis like conditions, and the reality of future terrorism in key international markets are now are real possibility. A decline in investors looking to purchase property due to the changes and restrictions in the new lending laws.
The major property markets in 'Sydney & Melbourne' will always have a simply 'supply and demand' formula. The 'demand' for quality real estate in sought after areas across Sydney and Melbourne will always remain strong, especially in the good suburbs and in the price range of up to $1,000,000 within 20 kms of the CBD. The 'outer suburbs' will see the biggest drop in prices as demand drops and supply of property is increased!...
MY EXPERT OPINION and PROPERTY TIP is; If you are a seller in 2016?... then sell in the first quarter of the year, and if you are a buyer?... Buy in the last quarter of 2016 or early 2017.
Robert Klaric