The Property Expert exist to provide you with an exclusive, experienced and unique insider view of all property negotiations when selling and buying.



Why choose 'The Property Expert?' Time tells a story & success leaves clues.

The Property Expert, CEO & Founder, Robert Klaric commenced his career in the industry in 1988 and quickly established the highly successful and award winning Sydney agency Klaric Partners Prestige Property Consultants.
In 2011 the multi award winning Klaric Partners was purchased by one of Australia’s leading agents, McGrath Estate Agents and now 'The Property Expert International' has been established to help & provide the consumer an exclusive & unique inside view of all property negotiations when selling or buying.
Trust and Experience
The Property Expert brings over 25 years' experience of outstanding results to his many clients and has achieved the highest level of Industry success in  the most competitive real estate market in Australia. The outstanding results have come from an iconic career of buying, selling and negotiating in Sydney's multi million dollar waterfront  properties to single bedroom apartments.
Dealing with a variety of influential clients from all walks of life, Robert has built and maintained an award winning real estate agency and business. As CEO and trusted sales director at Klaric Partners Prestige Property Consultants, Robert has devoted his years of property experience and advice to servicing each and every client.
The Property Expert  works closely with you on a personal level guiding every transaction and decision safely to a desired result , time and time again. They are always on your side, holding your hand through what is often a very stressful time and are available confidentially to discuss all property matters and concerns any time.


Stress Free plus Saving you Time and Money
Choosing an agency to represent you in the competitive real estate world can become a very long and drawn out process when you decide to sell your biggest ever asset... your home. Engaging the professional services of the 'The Property Expert' is an outstanding opportunity for you to ask the difficult questions, be informed and learn more about selecting the right real estate agent and selling the property without the stress and massive time required in the initial selection and sale process.
Robert & Leonie Klaric are highly regarded within the industry and Robert is a seasoned auctioneer and a award winning property consultant, committed to guiding you every step of the way.
The unique advocacy service and advice, includes providing the right advice on all your marketing requirements  and keeping the costs to a minimum for your property. "The Property  Expert"  will also  negotiating a fair & reasonable selling fee with the selected agency on your behalf by helping you choose  the right agent and agency  to handle the sale and provide the greatest services to get your property sold.
Saving you time, money and removing the stress involved in selecting the right agent is what "The Property Expert" specialises in.  Robert works with each client every step of the way and is there to support  you and the decision making process.
The Property Expert is your very own personal advocate and advisor, answering all of your questions, recommending the best professional advice and assisting you with  all your property needs when you decide to sell or buy real estate.