Negotiating Advocate

The property expert has earned a reputation for excellence, integrity and professionalism as an award winning estate agent and auctioneer over 25 years in the exclusive prestige property market of Sydney Australia.

Finding the right property is just one step?

Many of our VIP and celebrity clients can do this on their own through the internet and local papers.

It is at this “critical point” on how do you negotiate the purchase of the property where most people feel uncomfortable or simply do not have the expertise or time required and need a professional advocate or advisor.

“Negotiating correctly” on your behalf at the right price is the vital key to owning the property you want and saving you time and money.

Unfortunately many real estate agents and buyers agents are not experienced enough to negotiate property transactions correctly.

We have personally witnessed this time and time again over the last 25 years in the property business.  

Our “Proven negotiating ability and award winning strategies” will have you in a position to secure your “ideal property at the price you want” and will also “save you time and money”.

As a fully qualified award winning agent and Auctioneer, our unique and exclusive negotiating service includes, attending the auction and bidding, plus negotiating directly with the real estate agents on your behalf.

We successfully conclude all of the negotiations professionally on your behalf and secure the property at the best possible price.

Important note and disclaimer:

The property expert and its consultants will not engage in any property negotiations on behalf of a purchaser, if the property in question is with an existing seller who is a client of the property expert and using our exclusive Advocate vendor selling services.

To schedule an appointment with one of our personal advocates and advisors or to find out more information about our services, please contact us directly or email.

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