Selling Advocate
We are your 'Property Bodyguard' when you decide to sell your most valuable asset and negotiate with the many selling agents. We know how to protect you and your asset before and during the sale to achieve the maximum result possible.

We can help you avoid the pitfalls and save you time and money through our unique advocacy service and advice, includes providing the right advice on all your marketing requirements  and keeping the costs to a minimum for your property. The Property  Expert  will also  negotiate a fair and reasonable selling fee with the selected agency on your behalf by helping you choose  the right agent and agency  to handle the sale and provide the greatest services to get your property sold.

When you engage the services of Robert and Leonie Klaric as your personal property advocate and advisor to assist you  in selecting and appointing a real estate representative, there is 'NO COST TO YOU'

There are no hidden costs or additional fees, the selected agent will remunerate The Property Expert by way of an introduction fee on the settlement day on the sale of the property.

It is a common real estate industry practice for one real estate professional to pay another professional real estate agent a referral fee or share part of  the commission when they are recommended  for the sale of  the property or to another client.

Choosing an agency to represent you in the competitive real estate world can become a very long and drawn out process. Engaging the professional services of the The Property Expert is an outstanding opportunity  for you to ask the difficult questions, be informed and learn more about selecting the right real estate agent and selling the property without the stress and massive time required in the initial selection and sale process.

Negotiating Advocate 

The property expert provides you with a trusted and proven negotiating ability to obtain for you what you want and when you need it by. We are different to the many average 'Buyers agents' available in the real estate marketplace that provide a 'find the property' solution, as we will simply focus on the most important part of any property transaction... the final negotiation! Most of our many VIP clients usually find the property they want, but unfortunately struggle and miss out on many properties at the last hurdle, due to the direct negotiations with the real estate agents.

As a valued client of 'The Property Expert', you receive a full advocacy and negotiating service from a highly respected and successful property consultant  & negotiator that has won multiple property sales industry awards over 25 years.

Robert Klaric is a highly regarded within the industry and is a seasoned auctioneer, professional property consultant, and negotiator committed to guiding you every step of the way and securing the property. Saving you time, money and removing the stress involved in acquiring the right property at the right price. Robert works with each client every step of the way and is there to support you and the final decision making process.
The Property Expert is your very own personal negotiating advocate and advisor, answering all of your questions, recommending the best professional advice and assisting you with everything you require to secure the property you want.