Selling Advocate

The Property Expert offers you a “Proven advantage and benefit” by giving you a structured, informative view of your most valuable real estate asset – your home.

As your selected “Trusted Advocate and Advisor” we focus on delivering you a professional and experienced assessment of the property and provide you with the best possible options to select the right person, selling fee and real estate agency to maximise the value of the property at “No Cost” to you, the home seller. We will also advise and negotiate on your behalf the best possible commission rate, proposed marketing costs and the agency agreement.

Our professional services and fees are paid by your selected and preferred selling agent.

In addition to our “Free” service, we will advise on the presentation of the property and other proven “Award Winning” sales strategies that may be required to maximise the sale of the property, “Saving you time and money”.

Your property expert “Advocacy and Advisory consultant” work exclusively with you and we ask our many professional clients detailed information about their goals and lifestyles that they wish to achieve from the sale of the property, so that we can help them achieve the best possible outcome and help with the next move in life.

To schedule an appointment with one of our personal advocates and advisors or to find out more information about our services, please contact us directly or email.

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