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The 60 Minutes Special investigation - ‘Bricks & Slaughter’ – Claimed the Property Market could Crash by 40%... It was ‘Sensationalism’ at its very Best.

 Now everyone has an ‘Opinion’ about the Real Estate Property market?... But, who can we really ‘Trust’… who is ‘Right or Wrong’ with their ‘Real Estate Market’ opinions?... Who do you really ‘ask’ for some ‘Real’ answers on what is actually happening in the market?

So Let’s start with asking the ‘Real’ property questions?...

And start by interviewing the ‘Real Property People’ with ‘Real Property Experience’ and not ‘Reporters, Economists and Data Analysts’ who look at numbers and spreadsheets to come up with their ‘mystical conclusions’ of what will likely happen in the ‘property market’ for the future.

Ask the ‘Real Property People’ who have actually invested ‘Real Money and time’ in to the ‘Real Estate Market’ over many decades and are entrenched in the property markets daily.

 As a ‘Real’ Property Expert with over 30 years’ Experience working every property market since 1988… Auctioneering, Buying, Selling, Negotiating, Developing, Mentoring and educating property consumers on all types of ‘Real Estate Markets’ every year.  

Leonie and I, have ‘lived and breathed’ real estate our whole life. including personally working and investing through the ‘Boom and Bust’ markets and the ‘Property markets with low interest rates from 4% to markets with high interest rates from 17%’ … 

As a ‘Property Expert and Consumer Advocate’ our professional recommendation for all our friends and clients is to research the ‘real’ market facts and results that matter for you and continue to monitor auction activity and sales in your area.

And check auction clearance rates and final results after all the numbers are in over a 6 Week period and that will start to give you a ‘real snapshot’ and your ‘finger on the pulse’ of what the property market is actually doing in your area.

The ‘One thing’ that was Guaranteed in our property markets in 2018… it was always going to ‘Adjust and Correct’ after such a long protracted ‘boom market’ period, and as I correctly ‘predicted’ the property markets would start to correct itself as stated in the media back in 2017 and again on National Television in early 2018.


Call me ‘Nostradamus’…But, I got it right!... I was the only ‘Property Expert’ to correctly predict the ‘Adjustment to the Property market’ in 2017. It was at the beginning of 2017 on ‘The Today Show’ on Channel Nine, when I was interviewed by presenter Sylvia Jeffreys about my predictions on the ‘Property Market’ and what would happen in 2017?... and I was 100% correct!

 It was controversial!... Due to the fact that many leading people in the ‘Property industry, Analysts and Media’ did not agree with my comments at the time?...

 It’s very easy and clear to see as of today, my comments and predictions were 100% correct!...

The Sydney Auction clearance rate as of the last big Auction weekend on the Saturday 15th September 2018 was only 52% a ‘Six year auction clearance rate low’.

The same time the year before the Sydney Auction clearance rate was 75%, a 23% higher clearance rate than today’s market in 2018.

The property market in Sydney in 2018 has now officially ‘Adjusted’ and the ‘Boom’ is well and truly officially over!... and as I indicated professionally that it would happen in 2017, and now in 2018 will continue to experience a decline in property growth and home prices.

I indicated that the property market will continue to slow down and adjust this year.

It’s Not a ‘Crash’… It’s an ‘Adjustment and Correction’ in the property market of around 20% for new apartments and 10% for established homes within a 20 kms radius of the CBD and potentially higher for outer Sydney and Melbourne Suburbs over the next 12 months in 2019 is foreseeable.

The main ‘reason’ is that we see an oversupply of new apartments coming on to the market for sale and many apartments are in the so called ‘risky suburbs’ for major Bank lenders… especially the outer Sydney suburbs that are 20 plus kms away from the CBD with many suburbs having a more restrictive finance and leading criteria for purchasers.

We will also see in Australia, what I call the ‘International disruption’… as our property markets will react to what will be a very disruptive ‘global economy’ with China’s economy slowing and investment in purchasing apartments off the plan in Australia rapidly declining, the leadership in the USA creating global and financial volatility in many markets with new Tax tariffs.

In conclusion, if you are thinking of buying or selling ‘property’ over the next 12 months do it with ‘extreme caution’ and do your own ‘research and homework’.

And if you need any Property ‘Help or Advice’... Just call us on 0411622257 or email directly to;

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