We have just recently returned from our very successful business trip to Shanghai China.
To put everything into a very quick perspective…
The population in Shanghai is 24 million people, and in Australia we have a total of 23 million people.
Construction of new high rise developments have been happening fast and furious for the last 5 years, however the buyer demand for property has slowed to just virtually a crawl in Shanghai.  
The average 2 bedroom apartment in the centre of Shanghai sells for approximately $2 Million Australian dollars, however the majority remain empty and are offered for sale with no one buying them.
Now it’s very easy to see why the wealthy Chinese have been selling up in Shanghai China and moving to major capital cities in Australia to buy property and settle down.  
The reality is that, it’s been a half price property sale here for a very long time in Australia, especially for capital cities like Sydney and Melbourne for many of the wealthy mainland Chinese buyers wanting to invest and live while the markets in China have been strong.
However, Beware of China… The Property and stock market crash is coming!...
We have a very good Chinese client and friend who is in both markets, and has witnessed the Chinese Stock Market increase 150% in the last 12 months, but in the last few weeks it has been in free fall, losing nearly one third of its value.
And if property in China is now not selling fast and for no longer at the high prices that they were before, then the decline of Chinese investment will be also be very fast in to Australia.
Watch this space over the next 12 months as the Chinese property and stock market start to deteriorate further, and will ultimately have a massive impact on the Australian property market as well as the world economy.