HOUSING BUBBLE? Yes or No!...New Foreign Investment laws - will it help Australian Property Market?

All the talk in the property market at the moment is about the ‘Housing Bubble’…Yes or No? Bubble or Bust!...

The reality is we have a real estate market in Sydney and Melbourne that have reached a boiling point of being ‘not sustainable’, especially for any further long term growth in 2015 and onwards.
In my professional opinion, the property ‘Bubble will not Bust’ it will just adjust and deflate slowly in certain property areas in 2016.
As for the new foreign investment laws introduced by Joe Hockey the Treasurer of Australia, we will see the Foreign Investment from China and other Asian nations look at ‘alternative ways' to get their money in to Australia.
It’s all a bit too much, a little too late from the Australian Government, as the majority of foreign investors have already managed to get in to Australia and buy the properties that they want without anyone taking any notice!...

Watch this space over the next few months as more news will come to the attention of the Australian public about what has been happening and what is currently occurring in the ‘property market’ with Foreign Investors.
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